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This is seed we have collected from parents of a similar colour so that you have the best chance of raising delphinium seedlings in a particular colour range. Each packet will come with 30 seeds.

We have delphinium seed for sale, which we have collected during the summer, from our many rare and award winning delphinium cultivars.  Choose your mixed seed from  parent plants in the same colour range.

We  have found our seed to give reliable germination and although we cannot guarantee an exact replica of  parent plant most seeds produce a reasonable percentage of plants of a similar colour with the exception of creams. We recommend you flower your delphinium seedlings in pots before planting out if you have a colour co-ordinated garden.

Sow from January onwards and see if you can produce the next award winning delphinium or just fill your garden with inexpensive glorious colours! All orders are sent with full sowing instructions.

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